GK Education Foundation Mouse Races

March 2017

RACE 1 - Tardy But Not Truant
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Revcor Joey
Lynn's Carpet Cleaning-Carrie Tucker Ivan Z Cheese
Genoa-Kingston Middle School Gilgamesh
ReMax Classic - AJ Smith Max
Genoa Chamber of Commerce Bill the Business Mouse
Tobinson's Ace Hardware Ace Sets the Pace
RACE 2 - Main Street Claiming Race
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
David Gingerich - Country Insurance Mr Jingles
Diane & Randy Jennings: Genoa Coin Wash Bubbles
Hill's Tap Run Chata
Heartland Bank and Trust Beau Jingles
Dale and Lori Swanson Mother of Pearl
Wakoh Wear, Inc. Devon
RACE 3 - Builders Cup
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Shipley Construction Harv
Jensen Tax & Accounting Number Cruncher
Team Carol Team Carol
Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists Get Moving!
Dave and Carol Quenett Mini Quinny
Gahlbeck/Pennington families J.A.S.K.
RACE 4 - Kuhntucky Derby
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Bill & Lisa Kuhn Lucky
Jim and Amy Kuhn Slow-Poke Rodriquez
Campbell Kids-KuhnWannaBe's Mashley J
Pat Kuhn Sam
Debbie Kuhn Cecile
Paul and Linda Kuhn “Mouse-cato”
RACE 5 - Mouse Control Stakes
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Joe and Kathy Burgess Julius Cheezer
Davenport Elementary School Glen's Last Hurrah
GES Specials and ESP's D.R.I.P.
GK District Office Nibbles
Kingston Elementary School Cheesehead
GK Transportation Dept. Hitching a ride!
RACE 6 - COGS Allowance
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Genoa-Kingston High School It's Our Time
GK PTO Box Top
Reading with Grannies-GES Booky
GKHS Special Ed Mr. Squirrel
GES 4th and 5th grade teachers The Big Cheese
A Grateful Community “Joe’s Retirement Fund”
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Don, Marcy, Kevin, and Craig Billington Ranger Rodent
Audrey Freise Charlie
Peter Bushnell and Alyssa Pennington Cheddar Cheetah
Sons of the American Legion Sal
Resource Bank, N.A. Appetizer
GKEF Mini Grant
RACE 8 - Winners of Races 1-7
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
RESERVES - Sponsored But Did Not Run