GK Education Foundation Mouse Races

March 2012

Mouse Sponsor
Mouse Name
Race 1  
The Triple Crown Showdown  
Resource Bank Dr. Fuel Good
Citizens First National Bank Dash for Cash
GK Transportation Department Templeton is Bus T.R.
Joe and Kathy Burgess COGSWELL
Dr. and Mrs. Trevor Steinbach You Dirty Rat
Jeff and Carrie Tucker Pepe´s Prey
Race 2  
The District Graded Stakes Race  
Genoa Elementary - 4th Grade Team Sam Ara
Genoa Elementary - 5th Grade Team T2AGS2
Genoa Elementary - Support Staff Cheese and Rice
Greg and Sherry Chandler Algernon
Davenport Elementary School Staff Davenport
Kingston Elementary School Kitty
Race 3  
The Community Claiming Race  
David Gingerich - David Gingerich Insurance Agency Mr. Jingles
Alan Browne - Alan Browne Chevrolet Chevy
Jim and Curt Hill - Hill's Tap Bud Wiser
Carolyn Tobinson - Tobinson's ACE Hardware Monkey Wrench
Russ Harrelson - Service Concepts Destroyer
Brian Wallace - Wakoh Wear Mad Hatter
Race 4  
The Kuhntucky Derby  
Bill and Lisa Kuhn Roger
Paul and Linda Kuhn Moscoto Minni
Debbie Kuhn Bazinga
Art and Tina Kuhn Peg
Pat Kuhn Sam
Jim and Amy Kuhn Speedy Gonzales
Race 5  
The Fountain of Youth Race  
June Kubasiak - Nancy Michael - Sandy Panse
Donna Nordwall and Linda Gross   “IBTC”
Sue and Tim Loy Loy Boy
Lynn and Mary Tucker Amos
Gahlbeck and Pennington Families J.A.S.K.
Rhonda Kuhn - Steve Kuhn
Sue Adkins - Doug Adkins
It's all about Doug!
Hughes and Stoffregen Families Who Cut the Cheese
Race 6  
The Veteran's Handicap Race  
Genoa Veteran's Home Military Mouser
Sons of the American Legion Squadron Rat
Rex and Bonnie Nelson Mik
Ron Romano ISI Special
Audrey Freise Charlie
Lynn and Mary Tucker Andy
Race 7  
The Winner's Invitational Race  
  Winning Mouse From Race 1
  Winning Mouse From Race 2
  Winning Mouse From Race 3
  Winning Mouse From Race 4
  Winning Mouse From Race 5
  Winning Mouse From Race 6