GK Education Foundation Mouse Races

Saturday, March 3, 2018

7:00 PM Genoa Veterans Home


All Race Post Positions have been filled.

Additional mice can be sponsored but will not run.


RACE 1 - Main Street Maiden Race
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Country Financial - David Gingerich Mr. Jingles
Heartland Bank and Trust Stewart
Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists Get Moving
Napa, Genoa, IL KnowHow
Jensen Tax & Accounting Slightly Intaxicated
Hill's Tap Stella
RACE 2 - Legion Training Race
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Andrew Freund and Gang Jumpin' Joe Joe McNeal
Lana and Michael Haines Flash
The Merritt Families Mr. Merritt Mouse
The Carroll Family PBR
Diane & Randy Jennings: Genoa Coin Wash Skeeter
Mason J McPherson Foundation M&M
RACE 3 - Builders Cup
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Tobinson's Ace Hardware Ace is in the Race
Shipley Construction Buzzsaw
Revcor Mr. Peterson
Tammy Engel - ReMax Classic Fast Max
Wakoh Wear, Inc. Devon
Sycamore Precision Sycamore
RACE 4 - Mouse Control Stakes
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Resource Bank, N.A. mouserati
Genoa Chamber of Commerce Ethan the Explorer
Mary Dittman BUGGS
Audrey Freise Charlie
The Merritt Families Mrs. Merritt Mouse
Gahlbeck/Pennington Families J.A.S.K.
RACE 5 - Veterans Handicap
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
Sons of the American Legion Cheese Curds
Genoa Veterans Home GVH'S Bartenders Bounty
Lynn's Carpet Cleaning-Carrie Tucker Julius Cheeser
Bill & Lisa Kuhn Pudge
Debbie Kuhn Jax
Don, Marcy, Kevin, and Craig Billington Ranger
RACE 6 - Mini-Grant Claiming Race
GK PTO Box Top
Dave and Carol Quenett Quinny
Sue and Tim Loy Gramcrackers
Paul and Linda Kuhn Moscato
Jim and Amy Kuhn Speedy Gonzales
Peter Bushnell and Alyssa Pennington Feta Flyer
RACE 7 - COGS Allowance
Mouse Sponsor Mouse Name
GES Staff Son of a Biscuit
Genoa Kingston #424 District Office Gouda Luck Buck
Kingston Elementary School Ralph
GK Transportation Dept Ms. Frizzle
Genoa-Kingston Education Association MOU-se
Genoa-Kingston Middle School Julius Cheezer
RESERVES - Sponsored But Did Not Run
Sherry and Gregory Chandler El ratón más rápido del mundo
  (The fastest rat in the world)