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Donate Da "Notes"

We firmly believe that school music programs help our kids as well as our communities in very real and substantial ways. There is a growing body of convincing research showing that music education helps students to achieve greater success in all of their other school subjects. It develops discipline through practice and rehearsal, abstract thinking skills, confidence through performance, camaraderie with their fellow students, coordination of the physical and mental functions and perhaps most importantly, a deeper love for music and the arts. All of these benefits contribute to an increased success in our society and with the students' greater success in life.

For disadvantaged kids, learning to play a musical instrument can be especially important. It could be their tickets out of tough circumstances, a refuge from the difficulties of everyday life, and through identifying with their success in music, these kids have increased protection from negative influences. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the expense of renting or purchasing an instrument for their children. Participating in band in the Genoa-Kingston schools should not be a luxury. We believe all of our kids deserve an equal opportunity to access the benefits that participation in band bestows.

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Please help our kids by donating any band instruments that you own, or you know of that is owned but not being used by another family member or friend. We need instruments that are in good condition or that need minimal repair. If you don't have an instrument to donate, won't you please make a monetary donation to help us to purchase quality used instruments and repair those instruments that we have received? We will be working closely with our school administration and our music teachers to identify specific needs and how to most wisely use our resources. We are committed to maximizing every dollar you and everyone in our community generously provides to insure that we have a program that you and our community can be proud of.