Supporting Education

As a parent, you want the best education possible for your children, enabling them to reach their full potential. As a business owner, you need capable employees to help your business expand and grow. As a home owner, your property values are linked to the perceived quality of the public schools.

Public engagement, community support, and adequate resources are essential to the success of public education.

The Genoa-Kingston Education Foundation is an independent non-profit organization committed to high quality public education for all our children. By working together we make our community a better place for all.



  • Grants
    One of the goals of the Foundation is to provide grants that give teachers an opportunity to put innovative ideas into practice that would not otherwise be possible through the district's normal operating budget. Grants are effective because they put funds directly into the classroom.

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  • Donate Da "Notes"
    We firmly believe that school music programs help our kids as well as our communities in very real and substantial ways. There is a growing body of convincing research showing that music education helps students to achieve greater success in all of their other school subjects.

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  • Endowment
    To ensure that there will always be funding to enhance the quality of education for Genoa-Kingston students, the Education Foundation created a permanent endowment fund. Each year, our board of directors use a portion of the accumulated interest to fund projects that benefit a variety of students. By using only the interest, your gift today will continue to serve the schools and students for years to come.

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    Mouse Race

    Saturday March 3 2018

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    Mini Grant Applicaton

    Due March 23 2018

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    Corner Grill

    Thursday April 19 2018